Are You Ready to Start a Blog That Gets Free Traffic from Google and Earns $300 Monthly Even While You’re Asleep?

Now, you’re about to learn the same secrets that I use to create new blogs from scratch and build them to start generating traffic and earning monthly income in $$$ within a couple of months – here in Nigeria!


From: Dr. Abass Toriola
Abeokuta, Nigeria

Dear Friend,

Tell me if any of these describes your situation…

  • You’ve heard a lot about blogging and how people are earning life-changing income from it, but you have no idea how the whole thing works.
  • You’ve started a blog in the past but you had to quit because you just couldn’t generate any traffic let alone earn income despite trying hard to make that happen.
  • The successful bloggers you know are just not willing or available to teach you the tactics of blogging to make money.
  • You’ve heard about how getting free traffic from Google (through SEO) is the real deal, but you don’t understand how to achieve that.
  • You’re a darn good writer and have been looking for a perfect way to convert your writing skills into cool and consistent passive income — without having to spend all your life savings to get started.
  • Most of the blogging-related articles and videos you’ve checked online contain lots of terms you don’t understand at all as a beginner.
  • You’ve always preferred to learn blogging from a fellow Nigerian who is really an expert at it.
  • You’ve been discouraged from starting a blog because you’ve been told that it no longer works or that too many people are into it already.
  • You’ve tried many other ways to make money online, but none has worked. And you’re about to give up on everything.

If one or more of the above apply to you, then I have good news for you…

Blogging is one of the most straightforward ways to make money online, and it still works as ever!

And even with thousands of new blogs being created every day, there’s always enough room for new players who are determined and equipped with the right information.

What makes it different from other ways to make money online is that someone living in Nigeria can easily plug into it without hassles.

In fact, a lot of Nigerians have been – and are still – making cool money from this online business model.

And you, too can!

I mean you too can set up your own blog right now, work on it to grow it, and see it start to generate free traffic from Google within a couple of months.

That’s the point where you start making money consistently from the blog. And it can only get better from there if you continue to play your cards right.

Now, here are some sweet realities that come with making money as a blogger in Nigeria:

  • You’ll be in full control of your blogging business – as your own boss!
  • You’ll earn extra income by the side while holding on to your regular job or business (I’m a practicing medical doctor who also runs several blogs).
  • You can turn blogging into your full-time business as your income grows over time.
  • You’ll never be bothered by harsh economic realities, as you’ll be earning in dollars – most likely.
  • You can decide when you want to work on your blog and when you don’t want to.
  • You’ll continuously enjoy the fulfillment that comes with making money from something you enjoy doing.
  • Your blog can even grow to a point where you’ll no longer have to work on it every day – yet it will continue to generate income nonstop!

Wouldn’t you like to experience these realities?

Now, let me show you some hard proof…

SITE 1: Se******* (Target audience’s location: USA)

I started this site in May 2021. Its traffic started to pick up in October 2021 and grew steadily afterwards. By the end of January 2022 (8 months after its launch), it was already attracting 300 visits daily from Google alone. See the screenshot below from Google Search Console showing its traffic from October 2021 to March 2022.

The site started earning income in December 2021, when I monetized it with Google Adsense. Its earnings grew from a measly $3 in December 2021 to $558 by October 2022. See the screenshot below for the Google Adsense earnings over the same period.

Update on the blog: SOLD in January 2022!

SITE 2: Fe******* (Target audience’s location : USA)

I created this site in April 2021. Within 3 months after its launch, it started generating some decent traffic. And by exactly one year after its launch (March 2022), it was attracting about 400 daily visits. See the screenshot below from Google Analytics:

The site started generating income in October 2021, when I monetized it with both Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. See the Adsense earnings over the first 6 months of monetization:

And here are the earnings from Amazon Affiliates over the same period:

Update on the blog: Still in my portfolio. To be sold soon.

SITE 3: Ba***** (Target audience’s location: Nigeria)

I started this site in January 2021. And by the end of that year, its traffic had grown steadily to around 700 daily visits. See the screenshot below from Google Analytics:

I couldn’t monetize the site until December 2021, when it was about a year old. Here are its earnings from Google Adsense over the first couple of months:

Update on the blog: Still in my portfolio.

Site 4: Wh******* (Target audience’s location: Nigeria)

I started this site in February 2022. By the end of the year, its traffic had grown steadily to about 70 daily visits despite having only 24 articles. Imagine!

I started monetizing the site in December 2022, which means it has only earned income for 2 months as of the time of this writing. Here are the earnings so far:

Yes, I know $24 and $33 are meager figures. But the impressive fact here is that the site still managed to start earning some income after 10 months despite having only 24 articles. And it can only continue to grow steadily.

I’ll be giving you a FREE detailed report (PDF) revealing the exact steps I followed to build this site from day one to date. (Read on to learn how to get it.)

Update on the blog: Still in my portfolio.

Before it gets boring, let me quickly share these, too:

Site 5

Site 6

Sites 5 and 6 above are my high-traffic blogs. As you can see from the screenshot, they both attract at least 16,000 daily visits. Both blogs are over 5 years old, and the interesting thing is, I only log in to them once in two or three weeks. Yet, they keep generating traffic and income nonstop!

Of course, I could go on and on, since I’ve created more than 80 blogs. But then, the few I’ve shared should be enough.

CAVEAT: I’m not giving you any guarantee of specific traffic or income figures. The results of your efforts will depend on several factors and will most likely vary from the examples given above.

Now, I want to share my blogging experience and expertise with you.

I want to teach you the exact guidelines and strategies that I use to consistently create blogs that start to generate traffic and income within a couple of months.

I want to teach you the same steps I followed to build those blogs I just shared with you.

Are you willing to learn this eye-opening and life-changing stuff?


“BLOGGING FOR INCOME: A beginner’s guide to making money blogging in Nigeria”

This is the ONLY e-book you’ll ever need to read if…

  • You’re ready to learn how to start and build a profitable blog the right way without making the same mistakes that have forced many aspiring bloggers to quit…
  • You’re ready to learn the secrets to becoming a successful Nigerian blogger from a fellow Nigerian who has seen it all when it comes to profitable blogging…

Why Should You Learn from Me?

Well, I started out as a blogger in 2013, when I set up my first blog ( I chose the wrong niche and made a lot of other mistakes, so the blog failed. Woefully.

But I learned a lot from those mistakes and avoided them while building my second blog (, which has been a massive success and still generates enviable figures to date.

Subsequently, I’ve built over 80 blogs across several niches, out of which I’ve sold over 30 for mouth-watering figures.

Although I’m still holding on to a few blogs, I now focus more on building new blogs and selling them for multiples of their average monthly earnings when they become “ripe”.

As of the time of this writing, I have in my portfolio over 35 blogs across various stages of development.

And just so you know, I’m a licensed and practicing medical doctor, having studied medicine and surgery at the University of Lagos.

In my private hospital in Abeokuta, when I’m not attending to patients, I’m on my laptop working on my “babies” – I mean my blogs 😉

Now, you don’t have to take my word for it…

Hear what successful Nigerian bloggers who have read this e-book are saying about it. All these people are presently making the fortune of their lives through blogging – from here in Nigeria (the same dream you’re hoping to achieve).

“This e-book is all you need to excel in niche blogging…”

Following the exact approach explained in this e-book has helped me build sites that later got acquired for huge prices (in dollars) by investors on

So, if you’re a beginner who is just getting started, this e-book is all you need to excel in niche blogging because the guidelines therein greatly helped me and a few others that I know.

– David Okekporo

(Niche site builder and flipper. Founder, &


“This is one of the best guides to blogging for a newbie…”

I have to tell you, the last time I read a detailed e-book like this was back in 2018 when I was introduced to event blogging at the time when it was the real “quick gold”.

As someone with a few years of experience in the blogging industry, I can  tell you that this is one of the best guides to blogging for a newbie to understand what the whole concept and industry entails. The remaining fun & funds will come with experience over time.

– Stanley Nwajei

(Expert blogger. Founder,


“Even pro bloggers would learn a lot from it…”

Mr. Abass’s “Blogging for Income” has changed my belief that blogging can’t be explained practically and concisely in one book.  

With a very simplistic approach, he gave up-to-date practical insights and broke down a lot of intricate information into what a layman could easily understand. 

The book is a great book for beginners bloggers in Nigeria. Even pro bloggers would learn a lot from it.

– Isa Toriola

(Bespoke tailor and fashion blogger. Founder,


“Even the most ‘technologically-challenged’ readers will understand it…”

“Blogging for Income” is a thorough and easy-to-understand guide that is perfect for anyone wishing to launch a blog. This book offers all the information you need to get started, whether you’re a total beginner or you just need a refresher.

This guide covers everything, from selecting a niche and setting up your blog to creating stellar content and expanding your readership. Even the most technologically-challenged readers will understand it, thanks to Dr. Abass’s step-by-step and simplistic methodology.

In all, this book is essential for anyone who wants to launch a profitable blog and ultimately make money from it.

Sherif O. Salahudeen

(Expert blogger. Founder, and

Here are some of the things you’ll learn from the 233-page ebook:

  • The guidelines for choosing the right niche (page 16). These include some important questions you must answer before picking a niche. I also shared some hot niche ideas you can choose from. This part will help you avoid the biggest mistake in blogging — choosing the wrong niche.
  • The basics of search engine optimization (page 38). You’ll learn SEO from scratch and understand how to use it to attract free traffic from Google to your blog.
  • How to do keyword research as an absolute beginner (page 43). You’ll learn how to know the exact stuff that people are searching the web for, so you can give it to them through your blog. This is the secret tactic for attracting automatic visits to your blog.
  • The guidelines for choosing the right domain name (page 70).
  • How to set up your WordPress blog on your own within two hours (page 81). With screenshots to guide you, you won’t miss a single step or get anything wrong.
  • How to write very good articles and make them rank in Google, so they can attract automatic and continuous traffic to your site (page 165). Remember, more traffic = more money.
  • How to grow your blog steadily (page 179).
  • How to monitor your blog’s growth using Google Analytics and Google Search Console (page 181).
  • Different ways to monetize your blog. You’ll learn how to “milk” your blog until you’re making as much money from it as possible (page 200).
  • The biggest challenges you’ll face as you progress as a blogger, and how to overcome them easily (page 212).
  • Ways to diversify or expand your blogging business after achieving success with your first blog (page 224).
  • And lots of other valuable details you’ll never find in any other resource on blogging – explicitly written for Nigerians and with absolute beginners in mind.

So, if you’re ready to learn all these practical tactics that I’ve spent over 10 years learning and mastering…

Order your copy of Blogging for Income, and you’ll get the 233-page no-fluff, easy-to-read, eye-opening, and life-changing e-book in PDF format – so you can read on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Please note there are no hard copies of the ebook at this time.

And in addition to the ebook, you’ll instantly get 4 bonuses after making payment:

A report revealing how I started a blog from scratch in February 2022 and built it gradually until it started earning USD income in October 2022 (within 10 months!). This report details all the exact steps I took to achieve that. (Worth:  ₦10,000)


A PDF copy of my ebook, How to Make Money as Freelance Writer in Nigeria. I wrote it in 2014, but it’s still valuable as ever! (Worth:  ₦15,000)


3-month free coaching only effective from when you start keyword research. I’ll guide each of your steps and provide recommendations as due – with the aim of helping you succeed and avoid costly mistakes. (Worth:  ₦120,000)


Free membership to my closed WhatsApp group for newbie bloggers where I teach some exclusive stuff from time to time. You’ll also be able to interact with fellow newbie bloggers, learn from them, and grow together. WARNING: You’ll get booted out if you take no action on starting your blog within 3 weeks of joining! (Worth:  ₦60,000 per annum)

Now, please don’t pay for this ebook if…

  • You’re desperately looking for a way to start making millions within 3 months or even earlier.
  • You don’t have good writing skills and aren’t capable of hiring someone else to write for you.
  • You’re not ready to work on your blog for at least 2 hours daily – for months.
  • You’re looking for a way to make money online without spending a dime.

But if you’re really ready to get your hands dirty and work hard to build your blog and turn it into a reliable source of income within one year or thereabout, you’re welcome to get your copy right away.

How much is the e-book?

Spoiler alert: You will get over 90% discount if you obtain a copy of the book NOW. But before I let you in on how to claim this massive discount, find below the quick list of all you’ll get once you place your order.

  1. Blogging For Income (the main e-book) =  ₦25,000
  2. Free Report: How I Built a Blog That Started Making Money in 11 months =  ₦10,000
  3. 3-month Exclusive Coaching on Blogging =  ₦120,000
  4. Newbie Bloggers’ Whatsapp Group Membership (one year) =  ₦60,000

TOTAL VALUE =  ₦215,000

With all the value you’ll be getting from the e-book and the accompanying bonuses, 215,000 would be a fair price.

I mean, I’m talking of an e-book that contains everything you need to learn and understand in order to start a blog on your own in the right way and grow it until you start making life-changing income from it – here in Nigeria.

I’m talking of an e-book that contains stuff that I’ve learned over my 10-year blogging career.

If after buying this e-book, you’re convinced that you didn’t get value for your money, simply contact me for a full refund!

Yes, I’ll send your money back to your account. No hard feelings. I’m taking this risk because I’m confident that this ebook will teach you lots of valuable stuff you’ve never found elsewhere!

So, how much would you be paying, instead?

No, I won’t be charging  ₦215,000 for the e-book even though it’s worth more.

 ₦50,000 would have been a perfect price tag, but…

I understand that things are presently hard and people are struggling to stay afloat financially.

And because I really want you to take advantage of this e-book and I don’t want money to stop you, I decided to cut the price further down to a more affordable figure.

So, you’ll get a copy of this e-book for just N9,500 if you pay between now and 11.59 pm tonight.

That’s a whopping 95% discount!

Just N9,500 for this value-packed e-book and the bonuses that come with it.

You see, it took a lot of my time and energy to pack my 10-year knowledge of blogging into this e-book, and I plan to make as much money as possible from my efforts.

So, I might decide by tomorrow to increase the price if the demand goes up today. And that’s why you should take advantage of the current price and place your order RIGHT NOW.

To Place Your Order, Simply Transfer N9,500 to the Following Bank Account:


After placing your order, message me on Whatsapp (08062357604) with your evidence of payment and the email address you want me to send the e-book to. Once I confirm your payment, you’ll instantly receive an email containing the e-book and access the accompanying bonuses.

Remember, this is your only opportunity to learn the art and science of blogging from a Nigerian expert blogger who is truly ready and willing to teach you and see you succeed.

Still not convinced? OK, here are more reviews of the e-book by successful Nigerian bloggers…

“I knew he’ll over-deliver, and I wasn’t disappointed after all…”

“Blogging for Income” is the only blogging book you need right now to create a successful blog in any niche. 

For the record, I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years, and I’ve seen it all. 

With everyone and their mum claiming to be a “blogging guru” today, it becomes difficult to know who to actually trust and listen to. I’ve known Abass for over a year now and when he told me he’s writing a book, I was excited because I knew he’ll over-deliver, and I wasn’t disappointed after all.

I took my time to go through this book and I must confess that he gave it all.

In fact, I learnt a couple of new things I didn’t know about before from the book. This is proving the fact that no one knows it all.

Excitingly, Blogging for Income was delivered in a very simple and clear language that anyone can easily understand and implement, even if you’ve never heard of the word “blogging” before.

Also, Abass shared his direct contact details at the end of the book so that you can easily reach him for more questions and clarifications, which is something the majority of our self-acclaimed gurus in Nigeria always run away from.

Abass knows his onion, and I’d advise you to buy this book immediately if you really want to change your blogging game forever. 

– Theodore Nwangene

(Expert Blogger and Content Marketer. Founder, TheoGene Media Services).


“Abass Toriola lives and breathes blogging, and his experience is evident in the book…”

Abass Toriola lives and breathes blogging, and his experience is evident in the book, Blogging for Income.

If you are looking for a book that talks “blogging and SEO” as if it is being taught in a classroom, then Blogging for Income is what you need.

Insightful, eye-opening, and packed with knowledge, Blogging for Income is a great book to understand the “shenanigans” of starting a blog for earning income.

It is easy to read and a great resource for effective SEO strategies for enthusiasts. I highly recommend it for beginners who are planning or struggling to get into the blogging business.

– Adetola Adegbohun

(Web Content Strategist and Founder, Deedeesmedia)


“I absolutely recommend this masterpiece…”

“Blogging for Income” is an excellent resource for bloggers, particularly new bloggers.

Abass Toriola demystifies the complexities of blogging and systematically takes you through all it takes to start making money from your very first blog – using concise, friendly examples and illustrations. I absolutely recommend this masterpiece.

– Adeniyi Adesanya

(Medical Doctor and Blogger. Founder,