How Much Do Bloggers Make in Nigeria?

Chances are you’ve heard that blogging can be quite lucrative and that many Nigerians out there are smiling to the bank and living the lives of their dreams, courtesy of blogging. That’s true.

But the big question is, “How much do bloggers make in Nigeria?” In this post, I’d answer the question in the best way.

how much do nigerian bloggers make

How Much Do Bloggers Make in Nigeria? (Detailed Answer)

There’s no specific figure that perfectly answers that question. And that’s because the income from blogging varies from one blogger to another.

Some Nigerian bloggers earn a few hundred dollars monthly, while others earn tens of thousands of dollars monthly. This difference is down to a number of factors, which include the following:

1. Traffic and followership

A blog attracting 10,000 daily visitors is likely to earn more than another that attracts only 3,000 daily visitors. While this is not true in all cases because income depends on other factors, blogging, to a good extent, is a game of numbers.

Similarly, blogs with massive followership (repeat visitors, email subscribers, etc.) tend to earn more than those with smaller followership.

2. Monetization options

How much a blog earns also hinges largely on the monetization options adopted by its owner. Most Nigerian bloggers earn income from their blogs through contextual pay-per-click ad networks such as Google Adsense.

Other widely adopted monetization options among Nigerian bloggers include affiliate marketing, direct advert placements, sponsored content, freelancing, and sales of information products (such as e-books and online courses).

Some bloggers stick with only one monetization option, while others prefer to combine two or more options.

3. Target audience

Some blogs, despite being owned and run by a Nigerian, have their content tailored to a foreign audience such as people in the United States. Such blogs tend to earn more than those targeted at a local audience and generate the same amount of traffic.

This is because virtually every monetization option works better with foreign visitors than with Nigerians.

For example, Google Adsense has a much higher CPC (cost per click) for traffic from countries like USA, UK, and Canada than it does for traffic from Nigeria or most other African countries. Similarly, affiliate marketing converts better with traffic from those countries than with Nigerian traffic. And the same runs true for other options.

4. Blogging experience

Experience is another major factor that determines blogging income. Most beginner bloggers who are still learning the ropes tend to earn just a few hundred dollars, not because they’re not generating enough traffic to earn them more, but because they’ve not gotten their hands dirty with advanced but more lucrative monetization options.

For example, affiliate marketing earns far more income than contextual ads with the same amount of traffic. But implementing affiliate marketing successfully requires additional skill and experience.

Similarly, making extra income from freelancing requires having a marketable in-demand skill and knowing how to attract clients from your blog traffic.

As bloggers gain more experience, they’re able to unlock more monetization options and earn more income from their blogs.


While the income of a blogger can be down to many other factors not discussed above, the four discussed above are the major ones that apply to virtually every Nigerian blogger.

It’s important to bear in mind that earning income from blogging isn’t instant. That is, you don’t start making money as a blogger immediately after launching your blog. You’d have to patiently wait for months as you consistently put out valuable content that helps your blog stand out from the crowd.

Even with adequate know-how, determination, and consistency, it will take a couple of months, at least, to start earning anything decent from your blog — especially when you’re a newbie blogger.