Is Blogging Profitable in Nigeria? (Expert Answer)

Whether you’re still tinkering with the idea of becoming a blogger or you’re yet to start earning decently from your blog, it’s quite understandable if you keep asking yourself whether blogging is still profitable in Nigeria.

In this post, I’d be answering the question in detail, telling you everything you need to know as regards the profitability of blogging in Nigeria.

is blogging profitable in nigeria

Now, let’s cut right to the chase!

Is Blogging Profitable in Nigeria? (Detailed Answer)

Yes, blogging is still as profitable in Nigeria as it has always been! But, truth be told, it’s not as simple and straightforward as it used to be. And virtually all of the questionable tricks that people take to achieve fast success in blogging in the past are no longer working.

Nonetheless, blogging is still very much profitable in Nigeria and beyond. But to achieve success as a blogger, you need to be a fast learner who is ready to keep abreast of new trends in SEO, content creation, and other important concepts.

More importantly, you must be willing to put in all of the consistent hard work and determination required to make headway in blogging.

Reasons why Blogging is Profitable in Nigeria

Having stated clearly that blogging is still profitable in Nigeria and lucrative as ever, I’ll now proceed to give a few important reasons why.

1. Blogging usually generates income in dollars

Most Nigerian bloggers monetize their blogs with contextual ads (Google Adsense, etc.), affiliate marketing, and so on. Most of these monetization options allow bloggers to earn their income in dollars. With alone gives bloggers in Nigeria a huge financial advantage over the rest of the population.

2. Blogging generates income in multiple ways

Once a blog starts to generate traffic, it can start earning income in multiple ways. These include contextual ads, affiliate marketing, information product sales, direct advert placements, and so on.

Even if one monetization option doesn’t work for a blog, another option will. Some bloggers combine two or more monetization options on their blogs, and they are getting the intended results.

3. The Internet is where things happen these days

As long as people use the Internet to search for information and do tons of other stuff, blogging will continue to remain relevant and lucrative.

As a blogger, your “customers” are on the Internet. Whether your blog’s content is tailored to Nigerians or to a foreign audience, there’s no limit to the income you can generate from the blog.

4. Starting a blog is cheap

It’s common knowledge that a business is with little startup costs and potentially huge returns can be said to be profitable. The same runs true for blogging.

Starting a blog wouldn’t prompt you to empty your life savings or take a fat bank loan.

With less than $50, you’d cover the cost of domain name registration and hosting, and you’d be good to go. For video blogging, there are no such startup costs (you’d need to invest in some equipment, though.)

5. Blogging is scalable

Another reason why blogging is still profitable in Nigeria is its scalability. Once you start achieving some small wins, simply do more of what you did to achieve those wins, and you’ll start recording bigger wins.

So, if you publish 80 posts on your blog and it starts to attract 1,000 visits daily and earns $10 daily, doubling the number of posts can potentially double your traffic and income.

Similarly, if you have a blog that attracts 1,000 visits and earns $10 daily, you can simply earn more income down the line by starting a new blog in another niche and putting in the same efforts that you put in the existing one.

Although things aren’t always as straightforward as put in those examples, I just want you to understand that more input can equal more earnings in blogging.


There you have five major reasons why blogging is still profitable in Nigeria. I expect those details to have cleared all your doubts by now.

So, if you’re doubting whether to start blogging, you now have reasons to. And if you’re already blogging but aren’t generating any profits yet, you need to figure out why. You’re most likely doing some things the wrong way.